Suzuki Sirius S-56 Chromate
Suzuki Sirius S-56 Chromate
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Suzuki Sirius S-56 Chromate

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Suzuki Sirius S-56-C Chromatic Harmonica

*We deliver this item directly from the Suzuki factory in Japan, 100% new and on behalf of the customer, because of transport therefore a longer delivery time than you are used to from us, min. approx. 8 working days delivery time.

Suzuki has used all its experience and know-how to create the "Fabulous" series, which in turn led to the creation of the "Sirius".

Every detail of the Sirius has been carefully studied, resulting in a new standard for chromatic harmonicas. This unique model gives the player access to a wider range of musical expression. Beautiful, modern, sleek look combined with a silver-plated mouthpiece and a more than good finish, characterize this fine chromatic harmonica from Suzuki.

Holes: 14 holes 56 notes, g - d4,

Reeds: 56x Phosphor Bronze

Reed plates: brass

Comb: ABS plastic

Slider configuration: straight (straight)

Slide: brass silver plated
(short slide, straight pitch shift, no cross tuning)

Mouthpiece: Silver Plated

Lids: brass matt chrome plated

incl. luxury storage box

Only available in the key of C

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