Return Policy

(Seals applied)

Important info :

In connection with our product group and the importance of hygiene in the current era, we work with seals where necessary. With harmonicas this is for hygienic reasons. The seal is placed to prevent harmonicas or other wind instruments from being played and then returned, this is not allowed.

You can also make use of your right of return with our harmonicas, provided that the seal(s) are returned completely intact, if applied. These seals stick 1x permanently and do not come loose from the packaging without being torn!

We trust that you understand this

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Return procedure:

  • You have the right to cancel your purchase up to 14 days after receipt without giving any reason (right of withdrawal).

  • Use the contact form below to exercise your right of withdrawal and to inform us about this.
  • You will receive confirmation from us that we have received the message and the necessary information to return the shipment, you have 14 days for this.
    (The costs of returning are for yourself)

  • If you make use of your right of withdrawal, the product must be returned with all accessories supplied and - if reasonably possible - in its original condition and packaging.

    If the product is damaged or the packaging is damaged more than is necessary to try the product, we can pass on this depreciation of the product to you. So treat the product with care and make sure that it is well packaged when returning.

  • We check and process the return if we have received it on the stated conditions.

  • If everything is in order, we will refund the returned product(s) within 14 days (excluding shipping costs).

    *(Exception) If it concerns a custom item (custom made for you, custom made for you) then the right of return expires because the article is personalized.


An important distinction: Sometimes returning and claiming a (factory) warranty are confused, but this is separate.

If you would like to make a claim under warranty, please use the contact form below! However, it is not necessary to have original packaging, the period of at least one year (factory) warranty applies, the item may be used and the item does not always have to be returned, but for example some photos and a description. of the complaint will suffice. This is considered on a case-by-case basis.

* You always have a warranty against manufacturing defects in the product!
This of course does not apply to parts that are subject to wear.

If you would like to register a return or make a claim under warranty, please complete the contact form below and also state your order number, (contact) details and a clear (error) description if it concerns a manufacturing defect (warranty). We will then process this as soon as possible!