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One of the oldest brands, since 1847. A brand with enormous knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. Seydel makes a very diverse range where actually all types and styles are represented at the harmonica level. Very wide range, available in all price ranges, but each instrument is pure quality.

Seydel supplies many types of tunings and keys and are known for their stainless steel reeds in addition to the standard brass ones. Partly because of this, instruments equipped with this can be played very precisely and cleanly and last up to 5 times longer, compared to the standard brass ones. 1 of the top harmonica brands!

Hohner is also one of the best known and oldest harmonica brands, the company was founded and already produced harmonicas before the 20th century. Over the years they have made their range very diverse and broad, and many of today's harmonicas (also from other brands) find their basis in the origin of legendary Hohner models. However, Hohner also moves with the times, and over the years has produced a number of showpieces that have become a household name in the industry. Such as the 'Special20' and recently the 'Crossover'.

Suzuki was founded in 1953 as a harmonica manufacturer, by the current chairman Manji Suzuki. Suzuki has focused on the education market for years with the goal of making products easy to use for students and teachers.

At Suzuki, they manufacture all parts that require such processing precision in-house and maintain high quality through rigorous inspections. They are known for their high quality products, beautiful tones and instruments, versatility and reliability.

Lee Oskar harmonicas are played all over the world, and are designed by the player Lee Oskar himself, produced by the big brand Tombo. These different types of harmonicas can be used for very versatile musical styles and are known for their clean sound and easy playability. Available in different tunings, in which the basic components are the same.

We also sell all reed plates separately, so you can rebuild your instrument relatively quickly and cheaply or get it clean again!

Japan manufacturer Tombo has a history of more than 80 years since it was founded in 1917. Their harmonicas are produced with craftsmanship and the venerable tradition is much admired by harmonica players around the world.

Tombo is considered a top quality harmonica manufacturer and their products produce a great unique sounding sound.They are also the chosen producer for the popular Lee Oskar harmonica series.