Shipping costs

Shipping costs and delivery times
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We do our best to deliver the order to you as soon as possible, this will benefit you and we the most. However, in some cases we depend on suppliers (domestic and foreign), transport services and national and international holidays or weeks and an exact delivery time can never be guaranteed and we always give an indication.

  • Products that Harmonicafactory does have in stock are generally ordered before 15:00, shipped the same working day.
  • Products that Harmonicafactory does not have in stock are generally ordered before 15:00, ordered the same working day from the supplier.
  • Suppliers who also deliver directly to consumers generally ship to you the same working day or the next working day.
  • For the suppliers who only deliver directly to Harmonicafactory , it generally applies that they do this once every 5 working days, after which your delivery will be delivered immediately.

In the unlikely event that deliveries take a long time, for whatever reason, we will try to inform you of this. If this continues to lead to unexpectedly long deliveries with no prospect of a delivery period, we can proceed to consultation for an alternative product or cancellation and refund, if desired.

We can use different parcel services in each case or offer you the option to choose, this will then appear in the checkout process.

We will keep you informed about the progress of the delivery process of your order by e-mail or SMS.

The shipping costs are:



Above/Above €99,-
Netherlands €2.95 €5.95 €3.95
Belgium €8.95 €3.95
Luxembourg €11.50 €5.50
Germany €8.50 €2.50
France €13.50 €7.50
UK €13.99 €7.99
Italy €24,- €18,-
Ireland €17,- €11,-
Poland €12.60 €6.60
Austria €14.30 €8.30
Denmark €18.50 €12.50

*Missing a country? Please contact us for the shipping costs