Suzuki SCT-128 Tremolo chromate
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Suzuki SCT-128 Tremolo chromate

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Suzuki SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica

*We deliver this item directly from the Suzuki factory in Japan, 100% new and on behalf of the customer, because of transport therefore a longer delivery time than you are used to from us, min. approx. 8 working days delivery time.

The Suzuki SCT-128 Professional 16 Hole Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica reflects the highest achievement in harmonica manufacturing by combining technological breakthroughs with the experience gained since 1953.

New, unique, different, innovative. All words that describe the most exceptional harmonica ever produced. Beautiful and rare, just to look at and feel, the SCT-128 is an experience in itself.

The beautiful compact and streamlined organic body has a unique shape. The precision of the handcrafted components and the limited production make this a truly rare instrument that only a few will be able to play and enjoy.

Chromatic & Slider: Take the world's best chromatic slider harmonica and add a unique tremolo sound. A fusion of mind and matter that produces a hauntingly beautiful sound.

Precise and precious, the new SCT-128 contains the most exceptional elements of the earth.

The Suzuki SCT-128 Professional 16 holes Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica features:

-16 Holes, 64 Notes, 128 Reeds, Range: C-D4
- Plastic resin body
- Brass reed plates
- Phosphor bronze reeds
- Chromed brass covers
- Gold plated brass mouthpiece
- Tool leather holder

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