Suzuki MR-300 Overdrive
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Suzuki MR-300 Overdrive

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A legendary model: the Suzuki Overdrive

The sound of the MR-300 comes independently from the sound hole through the divider in the lid. For this reason, the original sound of the reed is transferred from the sound hole to the front without wastage. The cover has been replaced by the performer's "hand". It can be felt that the tone changes more than ever by hand vibrato. In the playing method of the 10-hole harmonica, there are techniques called "overblow" and "overdraw" that are raised by a semitone. It is said that this advanced method is difficult to obtain loud sound, but by blocking the holes in the front and back, a clearer and louder sound can be obtained than before.

The Overdrive is available in different keys: G・A・Bb・C・D・E・F, we can also supply the other keys on request, just send us a message in that case!

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