Suzuki Manji 2-piece set C&D LOW
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Suzuki Manji 2-piece set C&D LOW

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Blues harmonica set, showing Low C and Low D.

The Suzuki Manji M-20!

1 of the most popular party leaders within Suzuki, the result of continued development

The SUZUKI Manji harmonica is named after Mr. Manji Suzuki, founder of SUZUKI. 70 years of continuous development and improvement are united in this harp.

The Bluesharp is designed according to the wishes of blues and rock harmonica players. The sound covers are opened to the rear, creating a special projection of the sound.

In general, the Manji harp has a very dynamic tone, a long life (also due to the phosphor bronze content in the reed) and an easy playing behavior, especially with overblows.

It is therefore suitable for both professional use and amateur players.
10-hole, 20 tone, composite body,

Very wear-resistant and low-maintenance, not sensitive to moisture.

incl. nice case

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