Seydel Symphony 64 ALU Harmonica with heatable case!
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Seydel Symphony 64 ALU Harmonica with heatable case!

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The first 16-hole chromatic harmonica with a tonal range of four full octaves and stainless steel reeds

The SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is a professional chromatic harmonica with uniquely inspired technical developments that sets new standards in sound, airtightness, playability and reliability.

The high-quality, contemporary ergonomic design guarantees a long service life and maximum playing comfort and leaves nothing to be desired.

The SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is available in two variants:

With aluminum body and trapezoidal mouthpiece = variant 'ALU' or with
a transparent-green acrylic body and semi-moon shaped mouthpiece = variant 'ACRYL'.

Both variants come with a newly developed heatable case and accessories.

The recessed reed plates (1 mm) are precision cut from anti-corrosion German silver. Hand-tuning the 64 stainless steel reeds, tight tolerances and newly developed SEYDEL valves (with less tack than conventional valves) create an instrument with precise tone control and a rich sound with a tonal range of four full octaves.

The 'ALU' variant has a black anodized aluminum comb (total weight 438g), the 'ACRYL' variant has a translucent-green colored acrylic comb (total weight 362g). Both are CNC machined and perfectly balanced.
The recessed tongue plates are mounted with stainless steel screws and screwed separately.

Solid, die-cast, coated aluminum faceplates are individually bolted on and provide a design that is wide open at the back for a balanced feel and dynamic, full, warm sound projection in all four octaves.
The precisely fitting, stable slider, made of 1 mm German silver, has an ergonomically convex, silver-coated slider with a soft surface for the finger. Each slide is individually wrapped with the mouthpiece and therefore operates very quietly and is extremely airtight.
It is very easy to maintain by just loosening a single screw on the back of the comb and pulling out the slide for easy cleaning.

The comb accommodates the included carrying strap, made of genuine leather and with a SEYDEL embossing, to securely fasten the instrument. It can be mounted on the right or left side of the SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic.
The 'ALU' variant has a trapezoidal mouthpiece, the 'ACRYL' variant has a semi-moon shaped mouthpiece. Both variants are silver plated and are screwed in from the back of the comb to provide optimal playing comfort with no screw heads on the outside of the mouthpiece for better features.

The SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic offers an inimitable sound and tonal range of four full octaves (C3-C7) and is suitable for many musical genres, ranging from classical music to jazz. The highly airtight SYMPHONY offers unimaginable possibilities of expression and marks a new dimension in harmonica manufacturing.

SEYDEL innovation: the heatable harmonica case

Each SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is shipped in a stable, heatable, lockable case. The instrument can be safely stored and carried in it and is always at "playing temperature" at the right time.

Play your new SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic everywhere you go and in the first place! The unique heatable housing ensures the correct playing temperature, making it less sensitive to condensation on the inside of the instrument - moisture can evaporate faster. As accessories, the heatable housing comes with a USB adapter for your car plug, a multi-power plug adapter for all international power ports and a USB cable to connect to a computer. In addition, a SEYDEL Power Bank (12,000 mAh) is optionally available.

Your instrument will warm up to body temperature in approximately 20 minutes (in the closed case). The heating time depends on the ambient temperature. This is achieved by an electric 'Thermopad', which is powered by 5 Volt / 2.1A. The pad is connected via a micro USB plug on the outside of the housing. With the standard Micro USB cable, included with the case, it can be used with any USB port that delivers a minimum of 2.1A.

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