Seydel ORCHESTRA S Diatonic Harmonica
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Seydel ORCHESTRA S Diatonic Harmonica

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Solo tuned diatonic harmonica with corrosion-free stainless steel reeds (orchestral tuning), ergonomic covers and crimson plastic comb.

The ORCHESTRA S: We are delighted to offer a solo-tuned ten-hole harmonica (orchestral tuning)! As with the chromatic harmonica, all notes of the major scale are available over a range of two and a half octaves.

The ORCHESTRA S offers even more! Usually, the root note is found in hole 1 shot. The ORCHESTRA S places the root note on hole 3 blow, and half of the lower octave is added to holes 1 and 2. Since many players miss some notes on the standard Richter-tuned diatonic harmonica in the lower register, the ORCHESTRA is S allows them to hit the missing notes without applying a bending technique. The root note of the diatonic major scale is marked on the cover plate - it starts in 3 beats.

This makes the ORCHESTRA S an ideal solo instrument; the ten-hole design makes the Orchestra-S compact enough to take your tunes anywhere!

The layout of the notes is basically the same as that of a chromatic harmonica, making the ORCHESTRA S a great beginner harmonica to learn how to play chromatically. The compact size combined with SEYDEL's durability makes the ORCHESTRA S a good choice for music education in schools.

The ORCHESTRA S opens new possibilities for blues harmonica players by making it easy to play small pieces (3rd position) with a sound similar to solos played on a chromatic, thanks to the solo tuning. They will also appreciate the extended major scale in the lower register. The root of the dominant chord is available in the hole 1 draw, making it similar to playing in 2nd position on a standard Richter tuned harmonica.

Seasoned blues players will find all the tones of the blues scale through natural tones and curved tones, bringing soul and color to their blues improvisation. You can also take a look at our> detailed tutorial with many sound samples!

Solo tuning in a compact ten-hole harmonica
Extended tonal range in the lower register (orchestral tuning *)
Stainless steel reeds, cover plates and screws combined for unparalleled durability (last up to five times longer than brass reeds models)
 Anti-corrosion reed plates made of German silver
 Lip-friendly, translucent crimson plastic comb (ABS) with recessed reed plates

 Includes protective leather pouch.

Sounds stronger - lives longer

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