Seydel NONSLIDER Chromatic deluxe steel
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Seydel NONSLIDER Chromatic deluxe steel

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The NONSLIDER Chromatic DE LUXE STEEL - playing chromatically, with the speed, flexibility and bending of tones like a blues harp. This Harmonica from Seydel is next-level.

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Is there a chromatic harmonica...

...with direct tonal response like a Bluesharp?
... that works without a slide and without valves?
... on which techniques such as bending or overblowing are playable?

The answer is yes. We call it the NONSLIDER Chromatic DE LUXE STEEL.
This instrument is a limited edition design study, which opens up many new possibilities for the players to play chromatic, whether they have played chromatic harmonica or diatonic blues harmonica before!

The NONSLIDER Chromatic is a highly reliable instrument that is virtually maintenance free. 48-voice stainless steel reeds guarantee a great sound and long playing pleasure. Furthermore, stuck valves or a jammed slide are a thing of the past.

How does the NONSLIDER Chromatic principle work?

Using the newly developed double row mouthpiece, the semitones are achieved by simply tilting the instrument. A slight angle down or up is enough to reach all chromatic notes by directly playing the corresponding holes on the appropriate row.

-Tilt" to reach all semitones - holes only - no slider!

-After a little practice, the gameplay becomes quite intuitive and automatic, even for players who have been using a slider for years.

What is the tone structure of the NONSLIDER Chromatic?

*The NONSLIDER Chromatic is built in the usual solo tuning and is fitted with SEYDEL's durable stainless steel reeds. In addition, because the tone slider is no longer needed, the instrument is extremely airtight and allows a very dynamic playing.

What new play possibilities does the NONSLIDER Chromatic offer?

*The NONSLIDER Chromatic opens up amazing new playing possibilities you've been unsuccessfully looking for with chromatic harmonicas until now! The typical valves of chromatic harmonicas have been completely removed. This makes techniques playable that are otherwise only known from the Blues Harmonica.

Technical data:

-Innovative CNC machined double row crescent nozzle with 2 x 12 round holes (replaces slider package)

-Maintenance-free and airtight: low air consumption and very dynamic play
-Full, loud sound and fast direct tonal response
-Stainless steel reeds (48 pieces): durability and tuning stability, even with intensive use

-Solo tuning in C: The 12x2 channels correspond to three full octaves of standard chromatic instruments

-Equal temperament, concert pitch a' = 443 Hz (pitch drops slightly when played with a certain pressure)

-Very airtight construction (without slider)
-No valves: absolutely insensitive to moisture
-Reed plates made of German silver provide excellent flatness
-Corrosion-free stainless steel cover plates
-Robust, high-precision CNC-machined acrylic glass comb with optimized cells for ideal tonal response; semi-transparent orange

-Together with a suitable harmonica holder, the NONSLIDER Chromatic can be played hands-free (see tips above)

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