SEYDEL Advanced Handbook
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SEYDEL Advanced Handbook

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Between Chaos and Structure - Practical Guide for Advanced Harmonica Players!

Are you an advanced harmonica player who feels like you're not really making any progress?

Not confident in playing along with more complex pieces?
Or do you just want to broaden your horizons,

Then you want to understand exactly what you're playing and why some notes fit and others don't!

Created especially for you as a harmonica player, this tutorial will help you build a foundation for your musical progress, helping you to feel and learn structure that can easily get lost in the mists of improvisation.

music theory explained step by step
specially written for Blues Harmonica
no musical training required
didactically well prepared
reading music not required
play in different positions
analyzing and understanding music in general
extensive exercises
the book refers to a Blues harmonica in C (book without harmonica for a suitable model, see Extras + Accessory)

Knowledge of music theory (not reading sheet music) is key to understanding musical structures - this applies to all types of music and musical instruments. The authors explain music theory step by step and provide practical playing tips with exercises specially designed for harmonica players.

Peter Volksdorf is a multi-instrumentalist who plays harmonica and many other instruments such as accordion, guitar, banjo and trumpet in various bands. Bertram Becher is a product specialist at SEYDEL Harmonica Company and has been playing both harmonica and keyboard in bands since the young age of 15. He has written many tutorial books on Blues Harmonica, including the SEYDEL SOUNDCHECKs and Interactive Blues Harp Workshop).

"Between Chaos and Structure" is the result of years of experience as a musician and long conversations with harmonica players who were looking for more freedom and control while playing the harmonica.

English language A5; spiral binding; 108 pages

First assessment:

"Are you still blowing holes or playing music?

I was lucky enough to get a copy of the book "Chaos and Structure" about a year before it was published. Hesitantly, I began to read and play the exercises. I felt like a total novice at first, but the deeper I delved into the subject, the more I really wanted to understand music theory...and while following the book and playing, I managed!

The book explains harmonics step by step and gives more and more confidence and structure to your own intuitive playing. If questions arise, I can now answer them myself with my harmonica. I've worked out other playing positions on the instrument and I'm encouraged to play pieces I never thought I'd ever be able to play. Ever since I've worked through this book I didn't feel like I couldn't develop my game any further - thank you Peter and Bertram.

I can wholeheartedly recommend 'Chaos and Structure' because it has so much of this `oh that's it! ` delivers moments - besides all the theory it's really fun. This is specialized literature that puts you forward in a sustainable way. "

G. Horst ``

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