Seydel 1847 Classic Will Wilde tuning
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Seydel 1847 Classic Will Wilde tuning

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The 1847 CLASSIC Will WIlde Model Series

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Seydel 1847 harmonicas are in line with the basis of the Seydel brand, but this is the Will Wilde series, incredibly popular on Youtube and an official Seydel endorser.

His videos are immensely popular, so popular that Seydel, in collaboration with him, has expanded the ancient well-known 1847 Classic line with a tuning range made exactly to his taste!

Look up Will WIlde on Youtube to get inspired about his version of the 1847 classic!


1847 CLASSIC: Special Tuning: Wild Rock Tuning

Will Wilde Rock Harmonica Tuning

SEYDEL Endorser Will Wilde is the inventor of this Special Tuning which is very suitable for "harder" music styles such as Hard Rock or Blues-Rock. Read here how this tuning was invented and why Will has been using it regularly in his shows for a few years now:

"I designed the Wilde tuning specifically for playing hard rock and blues rock on the harmonica. As much as I like the standard Richter tuning, I've always found it frustrating when it comes to playing "rock guitar"- like licks, especially the De Wilde tuning solves all the problems I had with Richter, while still retaining the bluesy feel of the classic second harmonica position we all know and love.

While the Richter tuning was designed primarily for playing major chords and the major scale in the first position, the Wilde tuning was specifically designed for playing minor pentatonic and blues scales in the second position, in all three octaves.

I have always preferred the sound of pull notes and pull bends to blow notes and blow bends because you can get more expression and better tone and vibrato out of it. So, in the Wilde tuning, ALL the pull tones (from holes one to ten) bend and your root lands on a tie in all three octaves.

I think the Wilde tuning is the configuration that every budding rock harp player has been waiting for."

Details on Wilde Rock's special tuning: Holes one through five are exactly the same as the standard tuning. Holes six, seven and eight are the same as holes two, three and four (just an octave higher). Hole nine is the same as hole two (two octaves up) and the reeds in hole ten have been swapped (so that the ten-stroke turn is now a pull turn). This makes fast minor pentatonic/blues scales much easier and means you no longer have to overblow/trace to get the flat third and flat five in the higher octave as they are now available as simple pulls.

Will Wilde Minor Tuning

The Wilde Minor special tuning is directly derived from the Wilde Rock Tuning. Like the latter, the Wilde Minor Tuning allows smooth playing of hard rock and blues rock licks, dedicated to less heavy pieces of music.

The 1847 CLASSIC in Wild Minor Tuning is available in the most commonly used minor keys Cm, Dm, Em, Gm and Am (marked at the 2nd position).

The key on the sticker describes the root of the minor key played in the 2nd position (more details, see below).

Features of the 1847 CLASSIC

• full and loud, overtone rich sound and extremely fast tonal response due to stainless steel reeds

• very long life - even when played extremely vigorously; stainless steel reeds and stainless steel rivets

• less air loss due to finely cut reed plates; optimized flatness and extremely small tolerances between reed and reed plate

• beard and lip friendly; cover plates with rounded edges, no notches at the mouthpiece and ergonomically built holes and rounded dividers

• the overtone-rich sound can spread out undamped, lids made of extra strong stainless steel plate (0.4 mm), wide open and shrunk at the back, giving good stability and rounded edges; special Will Wilde logo on the top cover plate

• moisture resistant, swelling free maple comb, sealed with multiple layers of food safe finish

The 1847, a harmonica that impresses with innovation yet meets all traditional requirements - a master instrument for maximum ambitions.

The 1847 is the result of more than 170 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality harmonicas. Also available in a set according to your wishes with keys (please send an email)

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