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Deep, resonant, meditative-sounding harmonica that gently pulses the lungs. Set with manual in English

The PULMONICA® is a brilliant solution for patients who understand their lung function and want to play an active role in keeping themselves healthy.

Chest percussion and vibration have long been standards of care for patients with lung problems. The medical literature is full of scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of chest physical therapy in treating individuals who have difficulty clearing secretions. The PULMONICA® can be a useful addition to existing physiotherapy methods.

-breathe better in just two weeks. No musical skill required
-always sounds soothing just by taking slow, deep breaths
-low frequencies release secretions with just five minutes of use twice a day
-promotes deep abdominal breathing as a habit
-smooth to use and a joy to play
-this is no ordinary harmonica: research shows benefits of low tuning

- handmade in Germany
-anti-corrosion stainless steel covers
-meditative sounds are relaxing
-detailed playing instructions included.
- a great gift idea!

**From January to May 2013, a medically guided study of the PULMONICA was conducted at the Senior Friendship Center in Sarasota, Florida, under the supervision of Dr. William Weiss (video), who has served as a pulmonologist at the Senior Friendship Center for 18 years. All study participants were tested for and had stage 3 COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) with no other serious comorbidities, such as CHF (congestive heart failure).**

The results of the medically supervised examination were extremely positive. All patients improved their quality of life, walking six minutes, and everyone agreed that the more they played the PULMONICA®, the better they breathed and felt.

Note: there are no known side effects, but consult your doctor before using the PULMONICA® regularly. Also read the detailed description supplied with the instrument.

Demos and sound clips can be found on youtube

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