Hyperamp HA1510 REV MK II Harmonica amplifier
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Hyperamp HA1510 REV MK II Harmonica amplifier

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Give your sound a boost! The new Hyperamp HA1510 REV MK II

The Hyperamp HA1510 REV MK II combines current technology with vintage design in an amplifier that surpasses the rest.

The Hyperamp sounds warm and punchy at the same time - it is a hand-wired harmonica tube amp with built-in vintage (tube) reverb - made in Germany.

The Mark II (second version) is designed based on real feedback from Hyperamp MKI users

1) With the Gain + Volume controls you can now produce the most popular warm and meaty Chicago sound at lower volumes - low or high impedance microphones can be used with settings options that allow you to control the crunch.

2) The new AUX-IN input on the front panel can be connected to any MP3 player or other audio sources. You can play along with your favorite songs without any additional equipment (cable not included).

3) A built-in leveling screw / pedestal at the bottom of the front can be used to tilt the amplifier: by tilting the amplifier, the player can hear the sound better and the overall sound projection is improved.

4) The built-in spring reverb is also tube driven, resulting in an authentic vintage style reverb for the authentic Chicago Blues sound.

5) Line-Out or additional external speaker? Your choice: The new Hyperamp MK II can be used on any stage, no matter how small or large it is.

6) Combined INPUT: Guitar connection or XLR: All kinds of microphones (high or low impedance) can be connected to the Hyperamp (built-in impedance transformer on the XLR input)!

The Hyperamp HA1510 REV MK II is a hand-wired class A amplifier and produces 15 (Tube) watts. It is equipped with a specially designed 10 '' Jensen "Alnico" speaker. An external speaker can be connected and offers adaptability to play on any jam session whether they have a small, medium or large stage.

With its combined input (high ohmic: 6.3mm jack or low ohmic: XLR) almost any microphone can be used, giving the player even more flexibility to create its own unique sounds. The well-tuned three-band tone control effectively optimizes the sound characteristics. All kinds of microphones can be used with the Hyperamp, there is an AUX input for rehearsal or busking, the built-in tube driven spring reverb is purely vintage - all these features make the Hyperamp HA 1510 REV MK II the natural choice for the ambitious harmonica player.

Technical information - Hyperamp HA 1510 REV MK II
Output: 15VA and 4/8 Ohm (switchable) *
Loudspeaker: 10 '' Jensen P10R 8 Ohm -SPECIAL DESIGN-Alnico
Power amplifier: Class A (2 x EL84)
Level indicator: EM84 (magic eye), on the front
Input (combined): Guitar connection 6.3 mm (mono), -10 dBu at 1 MOhm or XLR connection, -30 dBu at 200 Ohm
Effects: parallel, with Level (Reverb) control **
Line output: guitar connection 6.3 mm (mono)
Sound control: three bands

Front controls: INPUT (combined), BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, VOLUME, AUX-IN (cable not included), EFFECT / REVERB **, Standby switch, control light, line switch

Controls on the back: Power supply with fuse and spare fuse (110V / 60Hz or 2201V / 50Hz AC), sockets EFF RET and EFF SEND, XLR socket DI OUT, socket for ext. speaker EXTERN, connection for int. speaker INTERNAL, Impedance switch 4/8 Ohm

Tube assembly: 1 x EZ81, 2 x EL84, 2 x ECC81, 2 x ECC83, 1 x EM84

Spring reverb: Accutronics, 3 springs

Dimensions (in mm): 484L x 480W x 260H mm

Weight: 14.5 kg

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