Hohner Universal nail for cover plates
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Hohner Universal nail for cover plates

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Suitable for the following Hohner models: Marine Band Classic 1896_20, Alpenecho 28, Echo 2209_28, Echo 2309_32, Echo 2409_40, Echo 2509_48, Rheingold, Goliath, Echo-Harp 2x32, Echo-Harp 2x40, Echo-Harp 2x48, Echo-Harp 2x60, Bravi Alpini 28, Bravi Alpini 40, Bravi Alpini 2x32, Bravi Alpini 2x40, Bravi Alpini 2x48, Bravi Alpini 2x60, Highlander, Tremolo Soloist 2x32, Tremolo 53_48, Unsere Lieblinge 24, Unsere Lieblinge 28, Unsere Lieblinge 32, Unsere Lie , Seductora 32, Echo 1494_28, Echo 1493_32, Echo 1495_40, Echo 1496_48

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