Hohner Rocket LOW keys
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Hohner Rocket LOW keys

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HOHNER Rocket Low Keys

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The HOHNER trilogy of comfort: Rocket, Rocket Amp and Rocket Low.
The Rocket Low is your bassline. Tuned an octave lower for a heavy roar, it provides a unique sonic underpinning for your rock, blues or country song. Or just play it solo and explore the realms of the deep harp. Striking looks and incredible sound - shake the floor with this bass wonder!
In the design of the popular Rocket range from Hohner - with the same design as the Hohner Rocket and Rocket Amp.
  • Comb design with larger sound holes and a wider lid
  • Reeds in perfect Hohner quality for a fast response
  • Cleverly shaped comb for maximum playing comfort
  • Tuning plates completely recessed into the comb for more volume

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