Hohner Rocket Amp
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Hohner Rocket Amp

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HOHNER Rocket amp – More Power to You

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The Hohner Rocket Amp is a harmonica with a great sound. The Rocket Amp is specially designed for amplified playing in combination with a microphone (but also without!) The ergonomically shaped lid has closed sides so that the sound is centered towards the rear (microphone), allowing a powerful reproduction that can be easily amplified. to participate in ensemble playing, or to let the solos come out better through the amplification. Mind you, this construction does its job well without reinforcements, do you want to let off steam? Which can! This harmonica is also wonderful to play without amplification due to its natural volume.

The Hohner Harp Rocket Amp is best suited for rock and blues. Both beginners and advanced will be able to start with this model

- Comb design with larger sound holes, side closed lids for maximum boost
- Ergonomically shaped comb for maximum playing comfort
- Tongues: HOHNER quality for a fast response
- Tuning plates are recessed throughout for more volume
• 20 reeds
• Reed plates: brass 0.9mm
• Plastic comb ((green) low-maintenance)
• Mood: Multiple Variations

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