Hohner Harp Blaster HB52 Microphone
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Hohner Harp Blaster HB52 Microphone

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The Harp Blaster HB52, dynamic harmonica microphone, is the result of a collaboration between HOHNER and sE Electronics, one of the best available!
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The Harp Blaster HB52 sets a new standard and is based on input from a select group of professional players and modeled after the sound of legendary vintage harmonica microphones. Perfectly designed to bring out all the creativity. It is comfortable to hold, even for a long time. The music can be created unhindered with maximum sound quality and expression. Suitable for professionals on tour and designed to uncompromising standards.

Combines great sound quality with optimal ease of use... and maximum durability.

The sE Electronics Harp Blaser HB52

The Harp Blaster HB52 is a serious modern microphone with the highest quality components. It is made entirely by hand from metal and has a thick die-cast body with zinc alloy parts and with chrome details. Not only can it withstand the uniquely harsh conditions a harmonica microphone can face every night; it will do this while allowing a much better sound compared to other harmonica microphones.

The microphone has a volume control that uses a Bourns® potentiometer and a knurled chrome knob with diamond pattern, making it slip-resistant and reliable. If you prefer not to have a volume control, it can be turned off internally.

We have chosen to use an XLR connection instead of a connected cable, a 6.35mm jack connection or a screw-on connector. This is often the Achilles heel with harmonica microphones. An attached cable can easily sustain a broken solder joint, turning the microphone into a paperweight until it can be repaired. An XLR connection provides better connectivity, which does not become problematic or noisy (cracking and/or hissing) over time. The internal locking mechanism adds extra signal security - in case the cable is pulled, snagged or someone steps on it, for example. However, the locking mechanism of the HB52's XLR connector can also be easily disengaged, if that is your preference.

As mentioned before, this microphone is not fragile. You can drop it, kick it and/or drive nails into it (without the paint). Built to be a road ready tool, it should last a lifetime!

incl. nice leather storage case, excluding cables.

Microphone has an XLRm connection, a suitable cable starts with XLRf connection, we have it available.

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