Hohner Special20 set of 7 pcs (A,Bb,C,D,E,F,G) with flexcase!

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Set of 7 Hohner Special20 harmonicas in all popular keys composed in an original Flexcase from Hohner himself!

This set contains:

-7 Special 20 harmonicas from Hohner, the popular model.
- Flexcase M- with space for 7 harmonicas
- Keys: A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G

The Special 20 harmonica from Hohner has been the extremely reliable model from Hohner for years, every advanced harmonica player has had this model in their hand. The price/quality ratio is very good.

The model plays easily and is suitable for both beginners and advanced players, but also the pros continue to play this model! The model has a plastic comb and is therefore low-maintenance. The tones are warm and the reeds are easy to play. The lifespan is good and bending tones is also very doable with this model.

Reed plates can be replaced with this model if a harmonica becomes worn 'out of tune' or can easily be ordered in its entirety.

The Flexcase is a storage folder produced by Hohner. Sturdy, robust and protective. 7 blues harmonicas fit in here.

The keys present in this set are the standard for any harmonica player in the arsenal as the range is the most commonly used and covers a wide range of tonalities.

This set is reasonably priced and ideal for both beginners and advanced users!

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